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Looking for some quick tips on how to keep you clinic open during the pandemonium?

The virus has swept the nation and most people are being advised to stay in doors, which could mean a drop in clinic bookings. Here are some quick digital tips you can do today to reassure your clients and provide a peace of mind when coming to the clinic or staying at home. The first two steps are directed at clients who still want to come into the clinic and are looking for reassurance.

Let's get Super Private!

Super Private clinics with celebrity clients often have a one in and one out best practise.

Why not adopt this method and ensure your clients are not left in the waiting room, the efficiency and simplicity will mean the clinic will be productive and easy to manage.

Use an online consultation form to save the client waiting. The interactive form that can be filled in on a mobile, desktop or tablet.

Clean up your act

It is all about peace of mind, the best thing you can do is show your clients that after every treatment you are taking the time to clean the clinic.

Do a quick video and picture for your Storyboard on Instagram and Facebook. Aim to do at least 3 a day this will show them the lengths you are going to keep the clinic clean, healthy and happy.

Make it very clear that although this is your typical practice, you understand how important it is to show the procedures being taken behind your closed doors.

Let's talk digital!

Clients who do not want to come to the clinic are not lost to your books this month, you can still carry out post-treatment follow-ups and answer all of their questions using social media

Whats'app Facetime for Business

Chances are, your clients already have Whatsapp, so they will be familiar with how to use it.

Switch from Personal to Business and make the simple steps to start doing follow up appointments.

This is a great way to retain customers engagement and see their concerns face to face without leaving the clinic.


  1. Adopt the private clinic method and give your clients confidence in minimising the spread.

  2. Clean up, other clinics may be losing clients but you don't have to. Peace of mind is the cure for footfall.

  3. Branding is your friend - This is a classic scare spin - it's all about the visual

  4. Business Whatsapp - Get close and personal through your mobile phone

These, of course, aren't the be-all and end-all for what you can do to get through this troubling time, but the reassurance and engagement will give your clients the confidence to see it through with you. Click the link For details on how to set up an online consultation form .

Please remember to like and share with your fellow practitioners, let's help each other through! For a free video consultation me text +44 (0) 7889473455 to book now.


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