5 Reasons Aesthetic Practitioners Need A Marketing Planđź“ť

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Ready to take off those rose tinted glasses off and start getting clients?

Do you ever feel like, your posting is out of control, you never have time and you never clients through it anyway so what's the point? Well, the reason why you feel that way is that you don’t have a plan. Marketing is a form of self-expression that others can find appealing or interesting enough to invest in.

“Having a solid business development and marketing plan gives you an edge over competition and positioning – and it’s also the single most effective way to gain new patients”. Pam Underwood, Business Transformation

Simply put, your marketing is a reflection of you. People buy from people, not a one size fits all generic post. So here are my 5 reasons why you need a marketing plan.

1 It’s a Time Saver

Having a plan is the only way you can run your clinics and generate new or existing client bookings.

Setting aside 2 hours a month and preparing 30 days in advance is the key to successfully saving time and growing your business.

2 It works for you not against:

Most practitioners have a fear of marketing because they hate sales or negotiation. Having a plan means that you don’t have to convince anyone to get treatments from you. The fact that they have found you and are flicking through your profile and clicking through to your website to book an appointment (Here’s why it’s important to have an integrated booking system on your website), is all the sales you need. And it took no negotiation or haggling.

3 Marketing can be fun!

Other than the ASA, GMC and online guidelines you can pretty much do what you want. Having fun with your marketing without losing sight of your ultimate goal (clicking through to book an appointment) is crucial especially with social marketing. People don’t want to be sold to, what they do want is to be presented with a personality they can form a relationship with.

4 Find what works for you!

To often I hear practitioners tell me that marketing and websites don’t work for them. There are so many different forms of marketing how could you possibly do them all? My advice is to start simple and build your way out making a list and crossing out what works and what doesn’t.

5 Be You!

At the end of all your marketing, your patients will have formed an idea of who you are. Keeping true to your self and brilliant treatments you offer will ensure you don’t disappoint.

So those are my 5 reasons why you need a marketing plan to get clients, using marketing channels and tools that work best for your clinic and clients.

Thank you so much for reading, don’t forget to like and share with anyone who needed convincing and help!


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