Can Blogging REALLY get Aesthetic Practitioners Clients ?

Have you ever wondered what’s the hype of blogging all about, and why are so many other aesthetic practitioners doing it? Well if you have a website and want to get clients, blogging is an essential channel to tap into and here are 3 hot 🔥 tips why aesthetic practitioner should be blogging...

So you’re rushing around meeting new clients and building good relationships, but you find for every appointment they are asking you the same questions “how long will it last, what is a sign of bad treatment and what happens if things start going wrong”? 🤔 Sound familiar? You could spend 45 minutes of the consultation providing generic information that answers all these questions. Or you could put it in a blog!

Hot Tip Number 1:

Blogging gives you a simple way to answer frequently asked questions, packed with tons of information which will save you and your clients time. Given them the opportunity to ask more personal questions about their treatment.

But I have a FAQ section couldn’t I add it there?

Hot Tip Number 2:

This section is typically short and broad, where as a blog post you can include links to medical pages about the products used as well as other clinicians or articles who have written it. Such as Hudgell Solicitors article What To Do If Your Botox Treatment Goes Wrong”, an amazing blog that will put your clients at ease. By linking to another website you are showing Google, Yahoo!, Bing and potential clients that you are an authoritative and professional in your field and know what you are talking about.

OMG 😱, she's talking about SEO

Hot Tip Number 3:

How Aesthetic practitioners can get clients
Aesthetic Practioners and SEO

Thanks Kim 😉!!!

And the last but most important factor is the SEO (search engine marketing) factor.

Having quality, relevant and authoritative information on your website will encourage search engines like Google to start ranking the site and driving traffic to it, which will lead to you getting more clients and in turn making more profit.

​So Finally...

So, those are my 3 hot 💥 tips on how Aesthetic Practitioners can use blogging to get more clients and start growing their online business.

Want to get into blogging/ vlogging but feeling nervous because you don’t have the right equipment or like how you look or sound on camera? Check out my Herstory video on "how I got started and how I fell in love with it"!

Thank you so much for reading, don’t forget to like and share with anyone who needed convincing and help!


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