Treating Hair Loss in Afro-textured Hair

Hair transplant surgeon Dr Greg Williams provides an overview of the causes of hair loss in Afro-textured hair and treatment methods available.

Hair loss in African-Caribbean hair types is a condition that affects both male and female patients and treatment differs from Caucasian, Asian and other hair textures. All hair is made up of the same proteins and layers; for example, a medulla, cortex, and cuticle.

1: However, Afro-textured hair has a significant curl both above the surface of the skin and below the skin, compared to the follicles in straight Caucasian and Asian hair.

2: Hair restoration is becoming increasingly popular, and Afro-textured hair presents special challenges both in diagnosis and treatment.

I found this article really interesting and very enlightening. However I wanted to understand how this medical diagnosis fed into the fact that the black hair care products industry is worth £2.3 billion, compared to the Caucasian or Asian industry dwarfing in at £680 million. Read the article and let me know what you think?

Caucasian men are four times more likely than men with Afro-textured hair to develop premature balding...

To read more please click this link - Treat Hair Loss in Afro Textured Hair

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